Riza Moisturizing Avocado And Coconut Hair Butter

Riza Moisturizing Avocado And Coconut Hair Butter

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Treat your hair with our 100% all natural and premium moisturizing hair cream. You won’t regret buying this because it is the perfect blend of all natural and unrefined butters. Sounds awesome? It gets even better!  Enriched with avocado and shea butters, mixed with other premium carrier and essential oils that leave hair touchable soft and shiny! If that isn’t enough for you, these ingredients also regenerate your scalp, improving overall scalp health, which in turn stimulates hair growth! Perfect for scalp massaging a hard day away!  A perfect choice for use by the whole family. Get yours today and enjoy a healthier head of hair!

How to use: 

With clean fingers, put a dime-sized amount into your palms. Apply to your hair from roots to ends. It can also massage it into your scalp and edges as a daily moisturiser to treat scalp and promote healthy hair growth.  Can be layered over multiple products.

What’s in it:

Avocado Oil - Contains amino acids and vitamins A,B,D and E. Rich with minerals that will help repair and strengthen your hair as well as put an end to frizz, while stimulating hair growth and shine

Coconut oil -  Well known for stimulating hair growth. Also improves scalp’s health while fighting against dandruff. It puts a shine on your hair, while also making it soft. It stops hair breakage and split ends and contributes to overall hair length. 

Rosemary essential oil– Stimulates hair growth and prevents balding. It is known to slow graying of hair and helps to treat dandruff and dry scalp. 

Cedarwood/Peppermint essential oils - helps relieve itchy scalp and stimulates hair growth

No Parabens
No Petroleum
No Mineral oil 
No Artificial colors

  • Enriched with Avocado and shea butters
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Improves the scalp’s overall health
  • Fragrance Free