Riza Hydrating Hair Mist

Riza Hydrating Hair Mist

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Are you short on time but still want healthy-looking hair? Spray your way to good hair with our exceptionally hydrating hair mist! Great for all hair types, this mist stands apart from many other sprays and the best part is that it uses all natural ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about what you’re using in your hair. No burning or damaging effects from chemicals. Free yourself from hair frizzness, improve softness and strength and leave hair looking glossy! What are you waiting for? Order yours today and let your hair shine!

How to use:

Give the bottle a shake, head the nozzle at least 30 cm away from your hair and spray evenly on dry or styled hair.  Use fingers to reshape hair back into shape.  The hydrating  hair mist can be used daily, layering over other Riza products for a healthy looking style. 

What’s in it:

Rosewater – Rose water all-be-it simple, is a very useful ingredient that assists in healthy hair growth and allows for proper vitamin consumption into your hair. 

Avocado Oil - Contains amino acids and vitamins A,B,D and E. Rich with minerals that will help repair and strengthen your hair as well as put an end to frizz, while stimulating hair growth and shine

Almond Oil – Full of vitamin E and ensures soft nourished hair right from the root. Leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean. 

Glycerin – Helps to reduce dry brittle hair because it works as a moisturizer, leaving your hair shiny, healthy and soft. 

No Parabens
No Petroleum
No Mineral oil 
No Artificial colors

  • Fragrance Free
  • Prevents frizziness 
  • Improves softness and strength 
  • Moisturises hair, leaving it looking glossy