Wonders of Hair Steaming

Wonders of Hair Steaming

🌟 Hair steaming can do unbelievable wonders to your relaxed or natural hair. Personally I used to steam my hair (had extreme hair damage) with some secret oil recipe on a weekly basis and I achieved excellent results within a short period of time🌟

Did you know that the process of applying  either oils, conditioner, water or eggs etc on your hair and covering it up with a plastic/shower cap, is called HAIR STEAMING?

Benefits hair steaming

🗝 Allows you to add moisture to your hair promoting longer and healthy HAIR GROWTH

🗝 Helps increase the flow of natural oils produced by your scalp. 

🗝 Helps the oil used for the Hot Oil Treatment (check my previous post for more information) to be more effective at lubricating the hair and LOCKING in the MOISTURE



🗝 Leaves your hair SOFT and SMOOTH

Different methods of steaming

💗 At home covering head with a hot towel or hair steamer cap or;

💗 At the salon using a hair steamer machine or;

💗 At the spa, just chilling in the steam room 😀👌🏽 (I 💚 doing mine at the spa)

Looking for someone to guide you step-by-step through your hair journey or you want to learn step-by-step how I got my hair back healthier. Send us a message now! And we will be sure to help you out. 

We feel your pain cause we were once upon a time where you are now. 


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