My Hair Growth Journey

My Hair Growth Journey

I first came upon Riza’s hydrating mist in 2017. I had just gotten weave extensions for my graduation and my scalp wasn’t faring very well. I went through my mum’s products, as daughters do, and saw the mist and used it generously on the affected areas. And just in a few seconds my scalp was relieved!

I started using it religiously every time I had braids and I kid you not, till today I have never experienced itchiness whilst using Riza’s Hydrating Mist. I even suffer from eczema on my scalp and I barely get flare ups like I used to before I started using Riza’s Hydrating Mist. I don’t even “grease” or oil my scalp anymore. I just use the hydrating mist as it is lightweight and extremely moisturising.

Aside from the scalp benefits, it’s also very good at keeping the hair shiny and hydrated. Perfect to use when detangling your hair. Your comb just glides through your hair after a generous spritz.

It has powerful ingredients such as;

Rose water which has anti-inflammatory calming properties which is beneficial for eczema, dandruff & psoriasis sufferers

Avocado oil which strengthens and moisturizes the hair

Almond oil full of vitamin E leaves the hair feeling soft and nourished.

This trio of ingredients makes the Riza Hydrating Mist the perfect product to pick up this season. Try it out and gift others around you too. I promise you it’ll be the best hair decision you’ve made this year!

It is also paraben, petroleum, mineral oil, fragrance free and free of artificial colours.

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