How to use Carrier Oils with Essential Oils

How to use Carrier Oils with Essential Oils


 You have probably been reading a lot of our posts about the benefits of Essential oil and how to use them either topically or in a diffuser.

 Topical use of essential oil simply means diluting it with carrier oil in order to reduce absorption rate. We always recommend that you dilute or mix essential oils before applying it on your body directly.



Carrier oils are base oil used to dilute essential oil before being used. They help reduce absorption rate, and make essential oil easier and safer to use.

 Essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause skin irritation or reaction when used undiluted. Essential oils are extremely potent so you only need small amount to take advantage of their many benefits. For example, to reduce pain in the body, all you need is to add 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil in any carrier oil then apply mixture to affected area. This will not cause any form of skin reaction.

 Here are some commonly used carrier oils;

1) COCONUT OIL: This is a popular carrier oil because it has a long shelf life and is a perfect carrier oil for all skin types.

2) SWEET ALMOND OIL: Helps nourish the skin and is a good carrier oil for sensitive skin.

3) OLIVE OIL: Helps hydrate the skin and is a good carrier oil to help speed up wound healing.

4) JOJOBA OIL: An odorless carrier oil and is a good carrier oil for all skin types

5) ARGAN OIL: This is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and is a good for all skin types.

 There are a few carrier oils to choose from, when selecting, it is important to choose a high quality oil that is free from additives. You can pick carrier oil based on hair type, skin type and wellbeing. Over time, some carrier oil(s) become rancid which causes the oil to have strong a odor. If you notice this, get a new oil.

 It is important to note that some essential oils are more potent and may require a lower dilution rate.

 Consult Riza’s aromatherapist by booking a consultation session for specific dilution guidelines based on the essential oil used. You can also shop for your 100% therapeutic Essential oils today on our website:


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