The Essential Oil You Should Already Have on Your Bedside Table

The Essential Oil You Should Already Have on Your Bedside Table

Are you finding it very difficult to sleep at night? You haven’t had a good night’s rest this whole week? Well, I know just the perfect oil for you and it’s Lavender Oil!


Lavender oil is extracted from the lavender plant. It is very popular for its soothing and relaxing properties though it has various other uses and benefits. Don’t worry I’ll list the reasons why lavender oil should be your bedside staple. 



Firstly, it is the perfect oil to help you get rid of the stress you have endured during the working hours/week. Studies have also shown that it is quite effective in combating insomnia and promoting a good night’s rest. You can add this oil to your diffuser or lightly spray some on your pillow case to set the mood in for a good night’s sleep. 



Lavender oil is also a good product to add to your skincare routine. It has both antifungal and  antibacterial properties which is essential for preventing and treating acne. It also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which will help reduce fine lines and help treat hyperpigmentation. If you want to incorporate lavender oil into your skincare, you should always dilute it. You can add a few drops in your moisturiser.  



Researchers have found that lavender oil an promote hair growth. It may  possibly be effective for the treatment of alopecia areata. You should always dilute lavender oil with another carrier oil or hair product of your choice, before use on the hair and scalp. 



Lavender oil may help relief and speed up the wound healing process. It has been noted to promote the skin cell and skin tissue regeneration. Dilute lavender oil with some distilled water and watch your cut or scrape fade and heal in no time. 


Insect Repellent 

Like most other essential oils, lavender oil quadruples up as an insect repellent due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A good number of  mosquito and insect repellents have lavender oil inside it. It’s the perfect oil to also carry around on holiday or out at a picnic.


Always remember to dilute lavender oil and any other essential oil with water, a carrier oil or another skin/haircare product when you apply to skin, scalp and hair. 

If you are allergic to lavender you should not use this oil and if you do have irritations you should stop the use of lavender oil. We offer various options of essential oil on our website that may be better suited to your skin. 


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