Beauty Tips for the Summer

Summer is finally here and with mass Covid-19 vaccination taking place, I’m sure a lot of you can’t wait to be out and about this season. 

But before you rush out, we have some tips to help you out this summer;



Make sure to exfoliate your face and skin. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin, unclog the pores, even skin tone, prevent acne and allows your other skincare products penetrate deeper. You can exfoliate your face once or twice a week and your body daily or a few times a week. 

Always consult your dermatologist for what type exfoliant you should be using on your face. 



Summer in tropical regions means, rainy season too. The rain’s humidity can really dry out your face and skin causing a dull appearance. Always make sure to moisturise thoroughly before stepping out of your house. You can always use a light moisturiser/oil if it’s still hot & raining. Check out our moisturising body oil. It is light weight and non-greasy and leaves the skin soft and smooth. 



SPF/Sunscreen should be your best friend during this season. They come in different protection factors. From SPF10 - SPF 50.

Using SPF helps reduce hyperpigmentation and skin damage from the sun. You should use a teaspoon size of sunscreen for your face and about a shot glass for your body. Make sure to reapply as instructed on the back of the sunscreen bottle. Even if it’s cloudy and raining you should still apply SPF during the summer. 


Stay Dry

I know this can be hard if you live in a tropical area but try as much as possible to not get wet. 

Staying wet for a long period of time can cause fungal infections on the skin plus it can really dry out the skin. Always carry an umbrella or raincoat along with you. 



We usually have our toes and feet out during the summer season so don’t forget to give your feet a good soak in warm water. You can add a drop or two of tea tree oil or lavender oil with Epsom salt to a basin of warm water and soak your feet for about 10-15mins. Make sure to scrub your feet with a foot scrub or a pumice stone. You can also use a body scrub for your feet. Clip and clean your toenails and don’t forget to moisturise. 

Also it’s good practice to let your toes and feet breathe. We spend most of the year wearing covered shoes due to the winter, so summer is the best time to let your feet breathe. This will help reduce your chances of developing a fungal or bacterial infection of the toes/feet. 


Stay Hydrated!

You already knew we would add this to our skincare tips for the summer. 

Please always take a bottle of water around with you. The weather can get really humid and hot which can leave you feeling light headed and faint. You should make sure you’re getting at least 2 litres of water in a day. Which is about 4 (500ml) small bottles of water. 

Drinking water helps hydrates your skin, hair and body and drives out toxins from the body. 


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