The incredible hair benefits of avocado oil

The incredible hair benefits of avocado oil

Hello friends,

I'd like to share something special with you.

It’s almost 7 years now since I started my healthy hair journey. Wow!! How times flies! Back then, I discovered the incredible benefits of avocado to the hair while searching for hair care tips on the internet.

Being the hair freak I am, I immediately rushed to the nearest grocery store and got loads of avocados. I also found lots of instructions on how to use it. (There are loads of information online especially YouTube, so be very careful). Then through experience, I was able to arrive at the best application for my hair.

I mashed the avocado, mixed it with olive oil, honey and coconut oil and, of course, essential oils. I applied the mask as a deep conditioner after shampooing and covered it for a few hours before washing it out. I soon forgot all about the pain of washing out when I saw the magnificent results. My hair was firm and had no tangles afterwards. Few days later, my hair was more manageable to maintain and I didn’t notice a strand of hair on my comb.

Fast forward to 2 years ago, when I started making Riza hair care products, I made sure avocado oil was one of the major oils included in our formulations. Why avocado oil? Now here comes the best part.

Avocado oil contains amino acids and vitamins A, B, D and E; the oil is really a good source of protein for the hair.

We add avocado oil into Riza hair care products because:

  1. It repairs, protects and strengthens hair.
  2. It helps retain moisture and prevents breakage.
  3. The vitamin E helps to repair damage on the scalp while vitamin B ensures hair growth
  4. It treats dry scalp and relieves dandruff.
  5. It detangles.
  6. It provides a deep conditioning treatment to your scalp.

It is so beneficial to apply this fruit either as a mask or oil to your hair. We have made it a lot easier for all those looking to achieve healthy hair by having 40% avocado as butter or oil respectively in our Avocado and Coconut Hair Butter and in our all-in-one Hair Mist, which also has other beneficial healthy ingredients.

You can easily get these products here.

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