Riza Daily Energizer & Power Booster

Riza Daily Energizer & Power Booster

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Supercharged with essential oils to jumpstart your mornings - 100% natural

A power-packed, vibrant boosting spray with exceptional hydrating action to kickstart your day with a bright smile! Crazy softening formula, refreshing aroma and a soft touch skyrockets the well-being and boosts your focus - all day long!

How to use:

Just spray this extraordinary product around you (or on your body) and feel the action! Alternatively, spray it in the air and walk into it to explore its undeniable power.

What’s in it:

Grapefruit essential oil - Increases energy and enhances mood, whilst increasing mental focus and will give you a natural pick-me-up

Eucalyptus essential oil - Has invigorating, soothing and purifying properties. Stimulates the brain, improves energy levels and mental clarity

  • Moisturizes
  • Recharges and Rejuvenates
  • Heals and softens the skin