Riza Rest and Relax Mist - Relaxing Formula

Riza Rest and Relax Mist - Relaxing Formula

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Turn the game by tapping into the awe-inspiring soothing properties and infuse calmness and relaxation in your life! The triple formula makes it an awesome treat for a restful, deep sleep. Switch the relaxation mode ON!

How to use:

Spray on your body and pillow. Boost the results by spraying it on clean body and beddings. Avoid delicate areas such as eyes.

What’s in it:

Chamomile hydrosol - Calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety, stress and induces sleep

Sweet orange essential oil - Has a sweet, fresh and citrus scent, which helps to calm the nerves after a long day for a better night’s sleep

Neroli essential oil - A refreshing and floral essential oil, with calming and relaxing scent, which relieves insomnia and helps prevent or treat stress

  • Enjoy a restful sleep
  • Alcohol-free formula, making it perfect for your whole family
  • Relaxation frisk – with no stress!