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Why You Should Have Eucalyptus Oil in Your Bathroom Cabinet

Why You Should Have Eucalyptus Oil in Your Bathroom Cabinet 0

This may be the multi-purpose essential oil for you! Eucalyptus oil offers various benefits thanks to its antiseptic properties. 

Learn more about its benefits and uses in this article.

Harmattan is Here! 5 Tips on How to Care for your Hair, Skin and Body 0

Five essential tips to help with your overall self care during dry season also known as harmattan.
Self-care and Mental Health

Self-care and Mental Health 0

Self care is very important, and mental health is often neglected in people’s self care routine. Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your skin & hair. A self care routine excluding mental health is incomplete. 

Why is My Hair not Growing? 0

There is an unhealthy obsession with the length of hair within the natural hair community. The actual health of the hair is sacrificed for length amongst a lot of people with natural hair, most especially type 4 hair. Type 4 hair is kinky and very dry and ranges from type 4a (loosest kinks) - 4c (kinkiest). 


One of the major reasons why length is such an important factor for a lot of people with natural hair is that they do not see their hair as “good hair” unless it is long. For decades western standard of beauty has determined how everybody sees themselves and this has affected the natural hair community negatively. This has been most detrimental to people with 4c hair. Even within that sect of the natural hair community people only praise 4c hair that is long. 


So why is my hair not growing?

Hair grows about 6 inches a year. Some people may grow more than 6 inches and some less. The issue remains the same, which is the ability to retain the length that has been gained. Focusing too much on the length may result in very damaged and unhealthy hair because if your hair is healthy and taken care of properly, retention of length will not be a problem. There needs to be more emphasis on the overall health of the scalp and hair. If hair is not growing properly this may be a sign that the hair is very unhealthy and in need of attention. 


Causes of stunted growth: 


Stunted hair growth may be a sign of an illness or less healthy habits. Eating properly, drinking a lot of water and vitamins (to help with immunity and overall wellbeing) can impact the health and growth of hair.  


 Length Retention

Retention of length may be difficult to achieve as a result of lack of moisture in the hair and scalp. A good method to keep the hair moisturised is the LOC method. We mentioned this method prior in our Hair, Skin, Wellness: My COVID 19 Lockdown Routine and Tips. Dry hair makes it very hard for hair to grow and for length to be retained as the hair breaks off due to dryness. 


Scalp Conditions

Scalp issues like dermatitis/eczema or psoriasis should be considered when dealing with the length of your hair because it’s a condition that can affect the overall health of your hair. Eczema makes the scalp very dry and scaly. The natural oils of the scalp that are meant to travel from the roots of the hair, do not travel far enough causing breakage of the hair. The scales produced from eczema/dermatitis also clog up the scalp causing build up. Managing these condition will make a major difference to the health, appearance and growth of the hair.



Pregnancy can cause a lot of hair breakage due to postpartum hair loss. It can make it hard for one to retain length even though necessary steps to care for the hair are being taken. This is something that has to “runs its course”. 



Certain hairstyles should not be installed for too long for example; box braids and weaves should not be kept in for too long, as the hair can knot and tangle. Anything more than 8 weeks can be very detrimental to the health of the hair. If you do choose to keep your hair for longer ensure the hair is taken down with patience. Also make sure the hair is heavily moisturised before combing out the loosened hair. 

In addition, ensure the hair is not tight upon installation. Tight hairstyles can cause a lot of breakage and hair loss.


Irregular Wash Days

Stretching out wash days can lead to yeast build up in the scalp which will affect the hair’s ability to retain length and also affect the appearance of the hair & scalp. Ideally, wash days should not be stretched out more than a month though this is very subjective as hair and scalp needs are different for everyone. Note that the longer your wash days are stretched there will be more yeast build up which will clog up the scalp not allowing it to breathe. A clean scalp allows the hair to grow properly. 


Overall, focus should be placed more on the overall health of the hair because healthy hair will allow growth and length retention. When there is no emphasis on the overall health of the hair in a hair care regime, it can make way for long straggly hair, uneven hair, fairy knots and split ends. Please make sure to trim hair regularly to get rid of uneven and split ends. It is better to have healthy short hair than dull hair, that is long. Healthy hair is beautiful no matter the length. 

A Guide to Wellness on a Vegan/Plant Based Diet

A Guide to Wellness on a Vegan/Plant Based Diet 0

A guide on how to source the vital nutrients and vitamins needed in a vegan and plant based diet with information on the importance of these nutrients and vitamins to your overall wellness.
Hair, Skin, Wellness: My COVID 19 Lockdown Routine and Tips

Hair, Skin, Wellness: My COVID 19 Lockdown Routine and Tips 1

Shortly after my return from the UK and Dubai, the first two weeks lockdown was initiated. Loads of thoughts filled my head, but the unique one that stood out was the need to stock up food items including water, fruits and vegetables. Once that was achieved, my next target was my hair and skin - this would be the best time to take proper care of both as they had been neglected due to the hustle and bustle of running a business. 

Frustrated about the current situation and the likely possibility of an extension of the lockdown, I decided to make the best of it and develop a self care routine. Below is my daily and weekly activities for happiness and good health.

Hair care: 

  • I wash and condition once a week and every 2 weeks I do a deep condition. It’s also important to moisture and seal post hair wash. You can do the LOC (Liquid, Oil and Cream) method which is basically a good method to moisturise and seal the hair. 
  • I can either use water or a water based product (e.g mist/leave-in conditioner), use a sealant such as an essential oil or any oil of your preference (e.g olive oil) and a cream/butter to keep the moisture in which will aid in hydration of the hair. My choice of products are Riza Hydrating Mist, Avocado Oil and Coconut Hair Butter.
  • I make sure to braid/plait my hair after this as it will keep my ends protected from breakage. Please note that the LOC method can be done twice a week or when you think your hair is dry and in need of some extra moisture. 

Skin and Face care: 

  • I shower daily and moisturise after with the Riza Super Moisturising Body Oil
  • I use our bespoke Aloe Vera soap free wash to gently cleanse my face and then apply Vitamin C for that extra glow! You can check your local beauty stores or pharmacies for Vitamin C but I got mine from Holland and Barrett. 


  • I exercise daily for about 30-45 minutes. This is really good for blood circulation, increasing energy levels and for improving the function of the lungs, which is important right now as coronavirus attacks the lungs and immune system. 
  • A healthy diet with loads of fruits and vegetables are also good in keeping the immune system strong. If you have trouble with eating vegetables and fruits you can always blend them into a smoothie. I really love to make a fruity smoothie. You can make a spinach & blueberry smoothie to incorporate both vegetables and fruits in your diet. There are lots of iron and antioxidants in this delicious combination which is  extremely beneficial to the function of the body. 
  • I take vitamins and supplements (like Wellwoman Plus vitabiotics and Vitamin D3) to further boost my immune system alongside drinking hot water with lemon and honey. 
  • Freshly grated ginger can be added to the hot lemon water. Ginger contains chemical compounds that can lower risks of infections. Lemon is a very good source of vitamin c and can improve ones skin quality and aids digestion. Honey used to sweeten the hot water lemon also has its own beneficial properties. It has been recommended as an effective natural alternative to cough syrup by the WHO. 
  • Oh yes ... Stay hydrated! A healthy balanced diet & supplements will be useless without drinking enough water daily (2 litres per day is recommended).

Lastly and most importantly, Riza Natural Oils & Remedies will advise that you:

  • Practice social distancing 
  • Carry and use hand sanitizer always (at least 60% concentration of alcohol)
  • Wear a face mask when out 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Adhere to CDC guidelines.