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Items you can find in your kitchen to make your hair grow thick.
Benefits of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils 0

Essential oils are little gifts from the earth whose benefits are vast and wide. They can help your hair grow long and healthy, make your skin glow, or improve your health. Whether you need a decongestant or a disinfectant or simply something to help you focus or relax, essential oils have the answer! Keep in mind that some essential oils cannot be ingested or applied to the skin without a carrier oil, so do your research before use.

Life gets very busy with work, school, or caring for kids. When you feel stressed out or anxious, give lavender oil a try. It is said to be the most versatile essential oil because of the wide range of uses. The fragrance can help calm the nerves, assist with insomnia or even depression. Lavender also can be used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for minor wounds or bug bites, making it a good essential oil to have ready in a pinch!

Another versatile essential oil is the tea tree oil, which has been used as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It can be used to kill bacteria and viruses while also stimulating your white blood cells. Not only can you build your immune system, but you can also eliminate body odor and clear up acne with its healing and cleansing properties.  

Next time that you get sick, think about a little eucalyptus oil. Many cold and chest congestion medicines utilize the extract, but simply inhaling eucalyptus vapor can help loosen phlegm and relieve respiratory challenges. Interestingly, the same herb can be used to treat fungal infections, disinfect wounds and repel insects. What more can you ask for from one little plant? 

Essential oils impact the body in more ways than one when inhaled that create the experience of aromatherapy. The scents touch the olfactory system of the brain, which identifies aromas and the limbic system which relates to emotions and memory. This creates a connection between emotions, your train of thought and the aroma that your body is inhaling. 

The essential oil benefits and uses are broad and wide-ranging. Whatever ailment you face, there is likely an oil that can help through putting in a mist or aromatherapy oil. Shop our list of elements and see what works for your needs!

Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips 0

Time to enjoy the Sun and pay attention to your Skin.

Skincare is always important, but when the sun is at its brightest and most powerful during the summer months, it takes on a whole new significance. Unless you are putting real effort toward taking care of your skin, you run the risk of damaging your skin and potentially creating a long-term problem for yourself.

A skincare routine for glowing skin begins and ends, of course, with 100 all-natural products. You can accept nothing less than the best skin organics for your beautiful skin, so whatever you love to do, you know that you will be protected. Out at the beach, gardening in the yard, or lounging around at your local pool, you can be sure that all the top, most wholesome organic skincare ingredients are within your reach – as simple as applying a little Riza to your skin daily.

Containing the essential oils that your skin craves, every tube of Riza is a treat for your face and the rest of your body. Your best skin and face care begins right here and right now, and all you need to do is commit to sticking to your routine. The skin of your dreams is possible, but you are going to need to work for it.

To start working for great skin the right way, purchase our organic skin care products now, for outstanding skin this summer and all year round.

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The incredible hair benefits of avocado oil

The incredible hair benefits of avocado oil 0

Avocado oil contains amino acids and vitamins A, B, D and E; the oil is really a good source of protein for the hair.
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